For the old-timer who just likes to watch a football team practice, the county’s only current option is Laurens Academy.

The options are limited there, too. It’s still a practice without footballs sailing through the air, but head coach Todd Kirk and his three assistants – Travis Plowden, Brian Kneece and Josh Urwick – have been making the best of what the S.C Independent School Association allows since June 1, when the Crusaders became the first of Laurens County’s three schools to take to the green grass for calisthenics, agility and weightlifting.

“It’s hot,” Kirk said. “It’s probably hot down at King, and Wardlaw, and Richard Winn (SCISA rivals), too. They’re probably doing the same things we are. We’ve got to do it better than they are.”

The Crusaders play 8-man football and took their Independence vacation last week. Full attendance is 16. Monday’s morning’s resumption had 10, the rest being otherwise occupied for other obligations.

In the absence of footballs being punted, passed and kicked, LA concentrated on what SCISA rules allowed in the time of pandemic precaution.

They did leg lifts, situps, pushups and short bursts of high-stepping. In one drill, Kirk told them not to stomp; in the next, stomping was the idea.

Kirk warned them not to get carried away. “Don’t let that Fourth of July week pop a muscle,” he warned.

All in all, there wasn’t that much to it, but the Crusaders were the envy of coaches and players at Laurens District and Clinton, who were ordered on June 26 to cease and desist for now.