Relatively little is known about W. Wyman King Academy, a familiar rival that will visit Todd Kirk Field on Friday night for a Region 1-A 8-man game of football, other than Laurens Academy figures to be the favorite.

Like the Crusaders, King (1-5, 0-2 region) has 17 players on its roster. The Knights defeated Northside Christian, 48-14. Laurens Academy (4-3, 1-1) defeated that school, 64-14.

The average score of Laurens Academy’s season to date is a 42-22 win. King’s average is a 44-22 loss. The Crusaders have a win (Northside Christian) and a loss (Richard Winn) in common. LA won by more and lost by less. Previous scores predict 22 points for the Knights, who are averaging the same number that the Crusaders are giving up.

The Crusaders won last year’s game, 50-6.

The mild worry is that Laurens Academy might be caught napping a bit before a crucial road trip to Wardlaw (3-3, 2-0) next week.

“One thing they do is they’re well-coached,” LA head coach Kirk said. “They lost their quarterback early in the season, but King is an option team, and they make you play a disciplined game on defense. They are a familiar team we play every year. They know our weaknesses, and we’ll have to cover that option.”


It’s been a busy week of volleyball at Laurens Academy as the Crusaders catch up for matches lost earlier in the year.

On Tuesday night, LA defeated King 25-11, 20-25, 25-12, 25-11. The middle school Crusaders won in consecutive games.

On Monday, Cambridge defeated LA 20-25, 25-22, 26-24, 25-23. Laurens Academy won the middle-school match 2-0.