The football game at Todd Kirk Field on Friday night is a vexing proposition.

Laurens Academy (6-3) is playoff-bound. Cambridge/Palmetto (6-0) is a cooperative, which means it is a team made up of players from a pair of Greenwood schools, Cambridge Academy and Palmetto Christian Academy.

Originally, Newberry Academy was LA’s opponent in the final regular-season game. The Eagles folded their football team early in the season.

The visitors are from across Lake Greenwood but have no common opponents. In fact, CAPCA, as it is known, has played only teams made of home-schooled athletes to date, and it has played two of them, the Augusta (Ga.) Eagles and the Greenville Hurricanes, twice. In the six games, CAPCA has outscored the opposition by a score of 277-120. Only the Eagles have come within three touchdowns (34-14), and CAPCA won the encore 50-0.

Meanwhile, the Crusaders have scored 388 points, including 140 in the past three weeks.

Laurens Academy is averaging 43.1 points a game. CAPCA’s norm is 46.1.

Suffice it to say that the scoreboard is likely to be active.