Stacy Bell

What in the name of Charley Pell is going on here?

On Sunday, Stacy Bell informed Laurens Academy athletics director Travis Plowden that he was resigning as head football coach of the Crusaders.

Bell occupied the position for about a month. He was introduced as successor to longtime head coach Todd Kirk on May 24.

According to Plowden, Bell resigned to accept a position at another school.

As of Wednesday at noon, no mention had been made of Bell’s new position on his website or social-media pages.

Plowden said that he shared news of Bell’s resignation to the team at a workout on Monday morning. He also reported that a search is underway for his replacement.

“Football workouts will continue as scheduled for varsity and middle school,” Plowden stated. “I have been extremely pleased with the participation this summer, and we will make every effort to find the highest-quality replacement for Coach Bell.”