Clinton High School honored its athletes on Wednesday evening at the annual awards ceremonies for the 2020-21 school year.

The presentations begin in the gymnasium, with sports then divided up and presented in various locations around the school.



BOYS’ CROSS COUNTRY – Joey Ardelt, sportsmanship; Gage Dominich, most improved; William Reid, most valuable.

GIRLS’ CROSS COUNTRY – Maren Vondergeest, sportsmanship; Marissa Brewer, most improved; Elizabeth Reid, most valuable.

GIRLS’ TENNIS – Ella Catherine Adair, sportsmanship; Gracie Wiggins, most improved; Mary Catherine Dailey, most valuable.


J.V. VOLLEYBALL – Savannah Miller, hustle; Lindsey Pysell, most improved; Alden Coates, most valuable.

VARSITY VOLLEYBALL – Gracie Boyd, sportsmanship; Abi Farmer, most improved; Addison Easter, most valuable.

VARSITY CHEER – Haley Wood, most valuable, Caroline Sease Award; Henry Curtis, Parris Williams, most improved; Naomi Womble, sportsmanship.

J.V. FOOTBALL – Zee Livingston, offense; Dre Aiken, defense; Zay Johnson, most valuable.

GOLF – Luke McMurray, sportsmanship; Sofi Carles, medalist award.

VARSITY FOOTBALL – Shy Kinard, offense; Bryson James, defense; Peyton Pitts, offensive line; Marcus Chalmers, defensive line; Tay Speaks, Gayal Ellis Award; Jykorie Gary, most valuable.


J.V. GIRLS’ BASKETBALL – Hannah Grant, most improved; Patience Adams, defense; Fantasia Walker, most valuable.

VARSITY GIRLS’ BASKETBALL – Asia Boyd, most improved; De’Shanti Watts, defense, most valuable.

J.V. BOYS’ BASKETBALL – C.J. Young, most improved; Ke’Laja Byrd, defense; Kendrick Richardson, most valuable.

VARSITY BOYS’ BASKETBALL – Taliek Fuller, most improved; Austin Copeland, defense; Wil Stewart, most valuable; Kimon Quarles, Columbus Copeland Award.

GIRLS’ TRACK – Na’Shia Wright, most improved; Madison Swindler, most valuable field; De’Asia Boyd, most valuable sprints; Elizabeth Reid, most valuable distance.

BOYS’ TRACK – George Cody, most improved; C.J. Young, most valuable field; Christopher Kennedy-Vance, most valuable sprints; William Reid, most valuable distance.

BOYS’ TENNIS – Nathan Meade, sportsmanship; Anders Orr, KDA; Ike Waldron, most valuable.

BASEBALL “C” – J.J. Dixon, hustler.

J.V. GIRLS’ SOCCER – Sidney Miner, attacking; Kimi Carmichael, defense; Hannah Nelson, sportsmanship.

VARSITY GIRLS’ SOCCER – Lauren Wargo, attacking; Ella Cooper, defense; Mary Catherine Dailey, sportsmanship.

J.V. BOYS’ SOCCER – Sam Gearheart, offense; Jules Darden, defense; Christopher Fortman, sportsmanship.

VARSITY BOYS’ SOCCER – J.P. Snelgrove, offense; Shane Nelson, defense; A.J. Rhodes, sportsmanship.


J.V. SOFTBALL – Sophia Sullivan, gold glove; Karleigh Porter, silver slugger; Shanna Prather, most valuable; Ella Adair, sportsmanship.

VARSITY SOFTBALL – Anna Litzenberger, gold glove; Maddi Wood, silver slugger, most valuable; Gracie Boyd, sportsmanship.

J.V. BASEBALL – Zach Fortman, gold glove; Zane McLendon, silver slugger; Carson Glenn, most valuable; Josh May, sportsmanship.

VARSITY BASEBALL – Luke White, gold glove; Wilson Wages, silver slugger; Kimon Quarles, most valuable; Jack Carroll, Cal Gault Award.