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Last Friday was a rather triumphant night.

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Monte Dutton

I came home in a good mood, not because Clinton swept Laurens in basketball -- I was a Red Devil but I like the Raiders a lot, too, and I have grown older and more mature when The Citadel or the New York Yankees aren’t involved -- it made me feel sentimental over the fact that Eddie Romines, with whom I grew up, has coached a team that was 1-13 last season to 2-0 so far in this one.

Laurens is better, both boys and girls. I expect the Raiders will be better in Clinton this Friday night.


Eddie Romines

Fans root for teams. Writers root for stories. I’m happy when I’ve got one to write. It’s what I do.

When I got home, I was occupied with (a.) starting the download of my photos; (b.) changing into something more comfortable; (c.) brewing coffee; (d.) seeing how the PC intern was faring with pics and story on the Blue Hose’ game with Bob Jones University, and I had heard rumors to the effect that it had a team; and, least of my worries, (e.) waiting for man Friday (on Friday) Caleb Gilbert to file information on the events at Timmons Arena, where the Furman men played the College of Charleston.

If I bored you with all late-night events required to keep LaurensCountySports (and FurmanATT.com) relatively current, well, let’s just say the alphabet would be covered and I’d wind up writing here, “and (XLIV.) going to bed.”

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I had tried in vain to find the Paladins on the radio riding home from Laurens District High School, but I couldn’t find it and didn’t have a clue how the game turned out. I wasn’t worried about it because I knew Caleb would call at some point, and his drive home was farther than mine.

When the right-hand man called, his 1st words were almost unintelligible, something like “bubbalagablahduhDAHduh” with several exclamation points following. I felt like a British colonel in a war movie.

For God’s sake, man, grab hold of yourself!

Then I finally made out, “Did you see it? Have you ever seen anything like it in your entire life?”


Caleb can't take a bad photo of Mike Bothwell.

I wasn’t sure which sign of the Apocalypse Caleb had witnessed at Timmons Arena.

The video ending was up, though, and later I listened to Dan Scott’s stirring description, and I almost called Caleb back to yell “bubbalagablahduhDAHduh!!!”


Unlikely hero Joe Anderson

But duty called, and we had more sobering matters to discuss such as the overlooked virtuosity of Joe Anderson, whom I thought had once been an auctioneering colleague of my late father.

Everybody knows a Joe Anderson. Thanks to Caleb, now I know of another.

I’m busy, and I’m having fun, but where the Paladins are concerned, I’ve started to live vicariously through Caleb, who’d probably hitchhike to Chapel Hill next week if I asked him.

He’d been fretting about that game all week. He deserved to witness a near-miracle.

But, by God, I’m coming to Timmons Arena soon, if I have to write a better column than this one to do it. Furman University is more accessible for Caleb. Presbyterian College is upwards of four miles from my unkempt abode.

For now, I’m enjoying Caleb being there more than I would myself.

Furman is playing in Rock Hill on Tuesday. Mid-Carolina is at Clinton. Woodruff is at Laurens. On Friday, I’m going to Timmons, that is, unless Kevin Kelley announces he’s unresigning as head football coach at Presbyterian.

Then I’ll see if my health plan will pay for therapy.