Brandon Satterfield was the first to cross the finish line, but not, as it turned out, legally, as Casey Lawson was the declared winner in he Thunder Bomber division Laurens County Speedway.

A first-lap crash sidelined Tinker Roberts and Dan Lawson. James Hudson was a casualty of Lawson’s front bumper.

Lawson was a casualty of Lawson’s protest. Dylan Chappell was runner-up for the third week in a row. Chris Patterson wound up third, and point leader lost some of his edge with a 7th-place disappointment.

Larry Timms didn’t start first in Limited Late Model, but he took the lead from Nick Deitz at the start of the race and never relinquished it. Deitz was second and Frank Coates third.

The Monster Mini winner was Scott Pulley, who outdueled Matt Gilbert and Rod Tucker. An array of incidents and yellow flags kept the action close throughout. Gilbert, Tucker and Phillip Wilson tangled, enabling Larry Teal to steal second place and T.J. Teal third, followed by Tucker, Phillip Wilson and Gilbert.

Travis Jamieson captured his second Front Wheel Drive feature in as many weeks. Front-row starter Darrien Norwood crashed. Wayne Taylor took second.

Brad Rachels won for the first time in 602 Crate, shaking loose from an early duel with Rod Tucker, who crashed and yielded second place to Colt Smith. Keaton Smith was third, warding off Colby Cannon near the end.