Last week was such a rush. Sometimes football games carry me away and I look on in wonderment. Such was the case on both Friday and Saturday, though in the latter case, I was working for one of my other websites, FurmanATT.com.

Not only did I not mind going 1-2 last week. I hardly noticed it. Some gotta win, some gotta looooooze. Nothing could give me the blues.

Did I mention that the Red Sox are in the ALCS?

Chapman (4-2) at Clinton (7-0): I expect most onlookers will view the Panthers’ dynasty as more weighty than the Red Devils’ resurgence. From long-ago bus trips completed before there was such a thing as rap: Chapman had a rooster, and they put him on the fence. Rooster crowed for Clinton, ’cause he had some sense. Forty-some-odd-year-old chants always work. Clinton by 1.

Laurens (2-3) at Eastside (1-5) – The Greenwood Eagle variety clubbed the Eastside Eagle variety 46-8 on Saturday. The Raiders are recovered at last after two weeks of COVID. A bit of rust won’t slow down Laurens much. They’re rearin’ to go. They could still be a contender. Laurens by 24.

Laurens Academy (1-6) at King (4-2): It was great to see the embattled Crusaders rise up and win on homecoming. LA could use some of those points they put up on the last remnants of the Confederacy last week. Sadly, it was an aberration. King by 23.

Presbyterian (2-3) at Davidson (3-1): In their three straight losses, the Blue Hose deficits, in order, were 72, 20 and 8, so the young Turks of football are trending upward, or, maybe, less downward. I don’t regret picking them last week. It was worth a shot. This week I’m sober. Davidson by 6.

Last week: 1-2. Season to date: 18-5.

Note: I’m not any better than anyone else at picking the outcome of ballgames, races, meets, matches and elections. My modest skill is that of a history major: I know what already happened. Prophecy wasn’t offered as a major. My advice is to read the above for amusement purposes only. For God’s sake, don’t lay a bet on what I think.