Steve Englehart coaches his QBs.

Hell. I don’t know.

I went out to Presbyterian College football practice on Friday morning. I enjoyed it because it seemed normal. It was like being at a football practice. I took pictures. Most of the faces were unfamiliar. I chatted a little and met a few as I walked around. This is something I like to do. It’s why I love what I do.

Monte 1.JPG

Monte Dutton

At the moment, every coach I see regularly I like. I keep having this recurring reaction.

When folks in town ask me what I think of the new PC football coach, I say, “I reckon if they can’t win with this ‘un, they just can’t win no more.”

Steve Englehart may be the guy who stops me having to write “new” in front of “head coach” at Presbyterian. For a solid year, I felt like I was trapped in some kind of Disney flick, only it didn’t have a happy ending. Imagine “101 Dalmatians Skinned.”

Some may call it the Year of Kevin Kelley. I’m going to think Son of Flubber.

Look it up, kids. It’s a laugh riot. Then pull out The Absentminded Professor for basketball season. You’ll find it quaint. Nah. You won’t watch it.


I’m positive the footballs at practice were not inflated with flubber gas.

At the spring scrimmage, the remnants were thin. Now the grass is alive with the sound of grunting. There’s a heap of young people wanting a shot. The task for Englehart and staff is to find enough who deserve it.

The Blue Hose are going to be better. This is true only in part because they could scarcely be worse.

Kelley was a dynamic man. He had an evangelical zeal about making football something it wasn’t. The Year of Son of Flubber was unforgettable, and believe you me, PC is full of people who are trying. Unleashing Kevin Kelley on Presbyterian College was a bit like unleashing John Brown on Harper’s Ferry. The college sought a national sensation and got one, briefly for good and then for rapidly worsening.

Now there’s a football coach again. He’s not a fascinating man. He’s a good man.

It’s enough.