Uh, oh. The dominoes are falling again.

It’s not like a man (or woman, of course) can afford to fall asleep these days.

On Tuesday, I came home from Laurens District High School after taking photos of the Raider volleyball match and committed the crucial error of not making a mug of coffee.

Sometime during the Boston Red Sox baseball game in Miami, I nodded off. I didn’t know the Sox won 2-0 until this morning. That’s when I found out Clinton High School’s opening football game was off. Union County has a player who tested positive for COVID-19. The Red Devils’ second opponent, Broome, had the same thing happen and won’t be playing Emerald on Sept. 25 while Clinton is not playing Union County.

Never mind that a tropical storm is headed this way, putting some obstacle in the way of Laurens Academy’s fourth regular-season game at Cathedral Academy in North Charleston and LDHS’ jamboree appearance in Chapin against Spring Valley. All of those contests, along with the jamboree at Greer in which Clinton is participating, could be held on Saturday. That morning is when the Greer event is already scheduled.

To sanitize and paraphrase the late Richard Pryor: How long? How long? How long can this … keep going on?

Who knows what’s going to happen?

Clinton has no coronavirus positives. (Knock on wood.) Emerald has no positives. (Knock on wood.) Maybe the Red Devils and Vikings can play on Sept. 25 and swap dates somehow with Union County and Broome.

Football is better played on turf than eggshells.