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Monte Dutton

I probably shouldn’t sit in grandstands. I’ve sat in press boxes so long I don’t know how to behave, so, to placate myself, I just scribble in a little notebook that’s soaked in sweat.

At Bailey Memorial Stadium, around Crocker Field, the Irwin Belk Track is a mess. It looks like the Bowman Gray Stadium track, where they race stock cars.


Watching the Blue Hose dispose of the University of Fort Lauderdale, a thin assemblage over on the opposite sideline, I realized PC now runs track on the football field.

Roaming around in the stands with no idea of that about which I was going to write, I briefly considered doing a feature on the six fans who came up from Florida, or from some nearer city that’s a ballplayer’s hometown. I’m not sure I actually know how to get to the visitors’ side. The closest I’ve ever been is the sideline in front of it.

For a while I sat next to a man whose twin sons are freshman players at PC. I liked him. I hope our paths cross again. Some rudimentary research revealed that his sons are Bradley and Brooks Russ-Martin of Travelers Rest.


I chatted with a former high school coach and a several former PC players. What settled into my soul is that football doesn’t change much even when it changes a lot. The brand-new Blue Hose are the hottest new cars, fresh off the lot, and it seems as if they drive themselves.

It’s still the same sleepy campus with plenty of parking and room to grill and pop up tents, and drift into the stadium just when the patrons are sitting back down after the national anthem.

Interest has perked up a little with the brave new offense of Kevin Kelley, but good seats are still available.


I never expected to write that I miss the Blue Thunder Pep Band, but I do. If nothing else, the stadium would benefit from the rat-a-tat-tat of drums in addition to recorded versions of “On, On, PC!”

Then again, who am I to say (uh, write)? I don’t know how to act in grandstands. I act as if I’m in a press box, which means I try to be funny a lot. Football does not generally mold lighthearted fans.

The score was 68-3. This was the first football game the University of Fort Lauderdale, which is actually located in Lauderhill, Fla., ever played.

I drove over to Bailey the 2nd about half expecting the Hose to hang a hundred. I’m glad they didn’t. I imagined being with the Eagles on the way home and saying, “Well, at least they didn’t hang a hundred.”