Sports. I write about sports. This site is about sports.

I really haven’t been able to keep sports in my mind much over the past week. Oh, I’ve gone to some games and written some stories and taken some pictures. I’ve watched a lot of football and a little basketball on TV, but what semblance of creativity I’ve managed has been more related to the guitar leaning against the couch to my left.

The week’s schedule was busy on Saturday, when I cobbled together the week’s events. On Sunday it collapsed in a crash of the events participated in by Laurens District High School and Laurens Academy. No basketball at those two schools this week.

What happens at Clinton High remains to be seen. As these words are written, only the girls will play on Tuesday because Broome’s boys have been quarantined. A week later, only the boys will play Emerald for a similar reason. Both games at Chapman on Friday are on for now.

Presbyterian College’s women’s basketball team has been on double time, winning four out of six games. The men spent last week forcibly idle but are supposed to resume play with a 2-game visit to Campbell on Thursday and Friday while the women are to face the Camels at home on Friday and Saturday.

The sports – basketball and wrestling locally – are as solid as a layer of sawdust right now. This column is liable to become obsolete while it’s still being written.

Meanwhile, an element of the population and the fandom has taken to sneering at the coronavirus as if they are gangster cadets in a B movie.

“Hey, you, you virus. Yeah, you. You want a piece of me?”

The virus does. It has a voracious appetite.

I thought this would last a month. Now I’m doubtful about a year.

Amazingly, the times are so bad right now that this virus is being overlooked. It has to stand in line, and it’s too busy for that.

A minor-league manager I once knew strode out to the mound one night to remove a pitcher, who handed him the ball and said, cheerfully, “I guess it was just God’s will.”

The manager replied, “Son, Jesus don’t want you to get your ass kicked.”

The Canadian songwriter Gene MacLellan wrote “Snowbird”:

Spread your tiny wings and fly away / And take the snow back with you where it came from on that day / The one I love forever is untrue / And if I could you know that I would fly away with you.

The loved one is sports. The snow is the virus.

That’s a revisionist view.