Johnny Carson used to be fond of saying, “That’s some wild stuff.”

I see a lot of wild stuff these days.

Just a few minutes ago, I was editing a news release that said Presbyterian College would be wrestling against Chattanooga for the first time in history. PC began its wrestling program in 2018.

Of all teams to lack the power to get a bowl bid … Army? I hope those bowl bigwigs are thankful the armed forces don’t get involved in domestic politics.

The rule this year must be that any team that doesn’t run some form of “the option” gets a bowl bid.

With all this bashing of Notre Dame, I’d just like to point out that any team can have a bad game. Once upon a time, Nebraska and Alabama were 1-2 and played in the Orange Bowl. The Cornhuskers won, 38-6. That was 1972.

Clemson was considerably better (34-10) on Saturday, and when the Irish won earlier in the season in overtime, the Tigers didn’t have Trevor Lawrence. However, since the backup, D.J. Uiagalelei, passed for 439 yards, I can’t say it was much of a disadvantage. More germane was that Clemson was missing five defensive starters in the regular-season game.

Provided something wild doesn’t happen again, it’s going to come down to Clemson and Alabama, which, by the way, whipped Texas A&M 52-24 this very season.

Ohio State? Well, the Buckeyes haven’t lost. It’s not their fault the Big (12 equals) 10 started late and barely finished.

It’s different in the Football Championship Subdivision, where 15 schools are capable of losing to North Dakota State.

The Myrtle Beach Bowl is certainly a wild exercise in frustration. Appalachian State is up 28-7 over the Mean Green of North Texas (likely to soon be 4-6), but it’s early. The first half still has 2 minutes, 29 seconds left. This game is turning into a battle between championship sideline reporters Ryan McGee and Marty Smith, who cut their teeth watching stock cars lap and unlap themselves.

You don’t like my opinions? Aw, go lap yourself.

I’m going to leave here directly and go watch Jupiter cut in front of Saturn. Maybe Jupiter will get a pick-6. No matter, it will probably be called back for planetary interference.

Now it’s 35-14 with 11 seconds left in the half. Marty says App State just has too much physicality.