At the Laurens County Touchdown Club on Thursday, Atlantic Coast Conference referee Gary (not at TCU) Patterson, reviewing new rules, said a player was allowed to wear No. 0 for the first time.

I’m guessing it was worn before the NCAA or its precursor said no. (Everett “Kitty Cat” Mulvaney of the 1932 Slippery Rock eleven or some such.) Back in my pitiful playing days, I would not have wanted to wear Zero, even though another center, Jim Otto of the Oakland Raiders, once wore 00. That was the American Football League, which did all sorts of crazy things like put the names above the numbers on the backs of jerseys.

Saturdays revolve around coffee at my place. Last night was not without its challenges as I tried to put together stories and photos about the games of the evening. Technology and I squabbled. The last three Friday bed times were 3, 4 and 4:30 a.m., and I didn’t even drink. When I got up, there was Laurens Academy work to do. The Crusaders played in one of the few places in South Carolina where I have never been, Blackville.

I’ll have several dull stretches for the rest of the weekend, combating inadvertent dozing by switching from college game to game, piddling away at something like this and using a guitar for stimulation.

Texas has one of those Australian punters – he could be an Australian “style” punter – who just trotted to the right perfectly to suit the needs of an Oklahoman who blocked it.

Sigh. Damn guy’s probably got a high IQ he isn’t using.

The Longhorns couldn’t tackle me, and occasionally the edge of a rug pulls that trick. Last night, when I trudged out of a stadium, the grandstand steps looked like Mount Mitchell, and I could drive there.

Not even Batman is wearing a mask at the Cotton Bowl today.

Not that I’m following the Boy Scout motto. I took off for Inman safe in the knowledge that my Red Sox hoodie was in the back seat. So confident was I that I didn’t bother to look. Turns out it was hanging on what was once an exercise bicycle and is now a clothes horse. I also did something one should never do, which is trust a weather person. It drizzled all night long at Chapman, but I apparently didn’t catch my death of cold, which isn’t as much of a cliché as it once was.

Not that I’m complaining. I had scallops for a pregame meal for the second time in a month, also twice in the past two years. I love scallops. I just don’t get them very ofren. I heard they had a banner haul on Lake Bowen this year.

It’s amazing how COVID-19 has turned high school football into a more organized version of, “Hey, we’re gonna try to get up a game. Y’all want to play us?”

Clinton lost Union County earlier this fall and picked up Emerald. Spartanburg lost, uh, Byrnes, maybe, and picked up Union County, which upset the Vikings. Better watch what you ask for. You might just get it. As of this late date, the Red Devils don’t have a game this Friday. Theoretically, they will play Union County sometime. Laurens is still playing Aiken, but the junior varsity is playing Blacksburg. This site’s schedule could just as accurately be taken from the Gil Thorp comic strip.

The storm wandering through town this weekend is Delta, a Greek name that could be a person, if not a dawn or an airline. Lake Charles, La., ought to at least get a museum out of this madness.

I’m just hoping we don’t get to Omega.