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Just some random observations as the great Thanksgiving weekend sends an almost never-ending series of crummy ballgames streaming across my TV screen …


With apologies to long-suffering Gamecock fans, I don’t think it’s fair to fire anyone during this godforsaken, coronavirus-infected, Year of Our Lord Utter Madness. Where Will Muschamp is concerned, the big question has always been whether or not a coach who couldn’t win in Gainesville, Fla., could win in Columbia.

But … $13 million is a heap of money when the number of fans in the stands is severely limited.

The college football powers are playing for the same reason that the professional sports are playing or have played, or, in the case of NASCAR, racing or have raced.

TV money!

None of them based their budgets on empty or 3/4-empty grandstands. There’s going to be hell to pay.


Thanksgiving was one of the least competitive days in the history of pro football. Pittsburgh versus Baltimore got COVID-postponed, leaving the few, the proud, the non-Thanksgiving-dinnered to watch Houston beat Detroit and Washington beat Dallas. Later that night, I discovered a game between New Mexico (0-4) and Utah State (0-4). Utah State is now 1-4. I took what I could get.

I also sampled a little college basketball. I flipped the channels when Xavier took a 47-12 edge over Oakland. Clemson looked good, though, so there’s that.

By hook or by crook, sports this year have to be graded on a curve.


So bad are the Dallas Cowboys this year that consumers don’t even get the delightful image of ticked-off Jerry Jones being ticked off in his private suite. That’s how low the Cowboys have sunk.


I just hope 2021 is better. It’s obviously still going to be weird. I’m hoping to be watching Furman play football in February and Presbyterian in March. I think I’ll wear my Furman baseball jersey. Furman doesn’t play baseball anymore.


Briefly I divert from the Notre Dame-North Carolina game to check on the women’s basketball game between Clemson and Presbyterian on the ACC Network. Late in the first half, it’s 45-20. Okay.


Under current conditions, there is no home-field advantage. It’s just something announcers say out of habit.


I expect the highlight of the weekend from upset-loving me was Friday night’s victory by Oregon State over Oregon. I have a theory. Most of the game was played in heavy fog. The Ducks were wearing fluorescent yellow from gold helmets down. They could see one another and surged ahead. Then the fog dissipated and the Beavers could see again.