On Sunday, I had the opportunity to take a trip to Atlanta and catch a Braves game at Truist Park. The Braves played the Phillies, and I should add that I do not like the Phillies.

It felt great to get out on the road and travel to a professional ballgame, something I hadn’t done in quite a while. While I do enjoy the comforts of my hometown high school games, I don’t have to follow the rule of showing no bias. I’m allowed to cheer, jeer and everything else in between; however, if you’ve caught me at a Clinton baseball game, you may have noticed the look on my face is a great read on how I’m feeling about the play on the field.

I was blessed with free tickets that weren’t exactly free. My brother and I had plans to make the trip to Atlanta three times last April, but as we all know, that didn’t happen. SeatGeek, where I ordered the tickets, honored the cancellations and put a nice credit on my account.

Traveling to Atlanta was a piece of cake, or I’d like to think so. The drivers I cut off, probably multiple times, in that monstrous 5-lane interstate in the heart of Atlanta, probably disagreed. (If anyone would like to tell me the reason behind a “peach pass” lane, please do.)

I missed all of the pre-game festivities, which included the players receiving their hardware for all of their accomplishments last season. I missed Hall of Famer Chipper Jones presenting Freddie Freeman the Most Valuable Player award. I do not blame myself; I did no wrong. I blame the parking staff at the garage who didn’t get me to my parking spot quickly enough. (OK, I should have left the house earlier.)

I’ll save you the ins and outs of the ball game. This is no game story. For me, the highlight of the night did not happen on the field, it happened on the concourse trying to order a drink.

Essentially, I was told my face wasn’t on my own ID. I get it. I have a babyface, and I was 17 when I got my license, but come on.

I swear that’s me. Here’s my Carolina Card, see, I’m a senior at USC,” I told the lady behind the counter. Eventually, she believed me, but only after asking for my height and weight on the ID. I’m not sure what that did exactly, as it’s quite obvious that I’m decently tall and the weight on that ID doesn’t exactly represent the freshman 15 that have since been added to that number.

The Braves ended up losing the game to both the Phillies and the umpires, but I still enjoyed myself. The opportunity to attend an event with a semi-large crowd was enough for me.

We’re beginning to get back to normal in this country again, whether or not we’re exactly ready for it, but I’m just glad I get to see my Braves again.