Like a rubber ball, I come bouncing back to you, ooh-ooh-ooh-OOH.


That’s football these days. Last week I was the lucky one because I had something to write, though it was not without its remorse because Laurens lost in three overtimes at a school presumably in or on a bluff alongside a river.

I didn’t notice a bluff, but I reckon bluff’s aren’t what they used to be. A dip in the highway where water collects during thunderstorms probably qualifies as a bluff by today’s standards.

Other than that, last week’s games were 72-0, 49-7 and 42-12.

What goes up must come down, spinnin’ wheel, spinnin’ ’round.

I’m just tickled to be able to expose you to a couple of those profound lyrics from the 1960s and ’70s.

I played in the first game ever at Clinton’s Wilder Stadium, at least in its approximately present form. It was 3-0. That’s a high-scoring soccer match nowadays.

Newberry (1-2) at Clinton (4-0) – This is the Red Devils’ season of paybacks. They defeated Laurens. Difficulties against the Bulldogs, another historically significant rival, have also been tiresome for Clinton loyalists. This is the final season of Phil Strickland as Newberry head coach. Clinton by 14.

Laurens (1-3) at North Augusta (2-3) – Geez. I’ve missed three games all year, and two were after picking the Raiders. Greenwood, which is visiting Laurens next, defeated the Yellow Jackets, 31-7, on Sept. 10. Dare I pick the Raiders again? Yes. Laurens by 1.

Presbyterian (2-1) at Dayton (1-1) – It’s definitely unwise to pick a close game where the Blue Hose are concerned. This is the 1st game PC is playing on a level field. The Blue Hose proved in the spring they can be competitive in the Pioneer Football League. Kevin Kelley now has to lead his team in recovery from last week’s catastrophe. Maybe this will be a close game, but Flyers gotta fly. Dayton by 8.

Last week: 3-1. Season to date: 12-3.

Note: I’m not any better than anyone else at picking the outcome of ballgames, races, meets, matches and elections. My modest skill is that of a history major: I know what already happened. Prophecy wasn’t offered as a major. My advice is to read the above for amusement purposes only. For God’s sake, don’t lay a bet on what I think.