BUIES CREEK, N.C. – Everything’s bigger at Presbyterian College, which, under new head coach Kevin Kelley, scored 152 points in the 1st two games.

And gave up 72 in the 3rd. That was what Campbell rang up in a shutout of PC, Kelley, the football of the future and, like PBS, “viewers like you.”

Opening up against St. Andrews, like Campbell a North Carolina school, the Blue Hose scored 56 points in the 1st half. That’s how many the Camels had at halftime on Saturday.

Camels haven’t moved so fast since they were led by Lawrence of Arabia.


Ren Hefley

The game got off to a disastrous start – and finish, for that matter -- for the Blue Hose, who barely avoided getting tagged for a safety while receiving the opening kickoff. Then Ren Hefley threw an interception on PC’s 1st 4th-down conversion attempt, and Campbell scored a touchdown on Michael Jamerson's 2-yard run with 12:59 remaining on the 1st-quarter clock.

Hefley scrambled for a Hose 1st down – yes, it was 4th down – and Delvecchio Powell reached Campbell territory on the next play. An interference penalty enabled Presbyterian (2-1) to mount a decent scoring threat, but the Hose ran out of downs and turned the ball over due to a bad snap on 4th down and 7 yards to go.

The game shortly degenerated into a perfect storm attacking Kelley’s philosophy. Hefley quick-kicked from his own end zone on 4th-and-forever, and when referees didn’t yell “infield fly rule,” the ball wobbled to the 25, and when Campbell quickly scored again, it was 21-0 and the 1st quarter wasn’t over.

The Blue Hose advanced again to the Campbell 17 before, yes, running out of downs, and then the PC defense stopped Campbell for three downs, and, weirdly, the Camels punted, giving the Blue Hose, weirdly, field position. Malik Drake intercepted Hefley on, yes, 4th down.

By halftime, Presbyterian had committed 5 turnovers and Campbell (1-2) led 56-zilch.

After that, it was all a blur. In the all-important turnover comparison, PC had 10. Campbell had none.


Campbell, a Big South Conference member, awards the football scholarships that membership in NCAA Division, Football Championship Subdivision, usually entails. PC pulled out of scholarships and the Big South (in football only) to join the Pioneer Football League. In the Blue Hose’ remaining eight games, they will play conference games against schools that, like them, don’t award football scholarships.

Based on Saturday’s result and common sense, this will help.

Campbell’s Wiley Hartley stole the thunder of Presbyterian quarterback Ren Hefley, who began his career at PC by throwing a national-record 10 touchdown passes.

This time it was Hartley who tossed 6 touchdowns, threw for 342 yards and connected on 22 of his 30 heaves.

Hefley threw 6 interceptions and hit 20 of 39 passes for a mere 145.

The most impressive, or least unimpressive, number put up by a Blue Hose was 100 for the receiving yards of Matthew Rivera, who caught 7 passes.

Presbyterian committed 10 turnovers.

Campbell’s Jamerson rushed for 101 yards. Powell’s 51 led PC.

The game ended with the Camels running out the clock at the Blue Hose 1-yard line.

The Blue Hose open the PFL schedule with a visit to Dayton (Ohio) next Saturday at 1 p.m.

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