The Presbyterian College men’s soccer program competes in the Big South Conference, but nine recent recruits play internationally.

The nine newcomers – five freshmen, two sophomores, a junior and a senior in eligibility – include four Spaniards, a German, an Icelander and, for good measure, two Americans.

We are delighted to announce the completion of our 2020 class and welcome these young men and their families to the Presbyterian College soccer family,” head coach Jonathan Potter. “I want to thank assistant coach Luke Oesterle, for his work to put together our recruiting class. We feel we have built a team that can perform at the highest level on the field represent PC well in our community and strive for success in the classroom."

The newcomers are Jose Lado, Nacho Gallego, Voro Rivera Peris, Jaume Rubio,, Nokkvi Nokkvason, Lenni Miero, Phillimon Bedard-Khalid, Cameron Zamudio and Gerard Lopez.

The Americans are Bedard-Khalid, of Miami, Fla., and Zamudio, of San Diego, Calif. Miero is from Hamburg, Germany; Nokkvason from Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland; Lado and Gallego from Madrid, Peris from Alzira and Lopez from Silla, all in Spain.

Bedard-Khalid previously played at Post University in Waterbury, Conn.

The season, now suspended, was to have begun on Tuesday.