BREAKING NEWS — Tonight, Laurens County Council to Decide on Housing Development Incentive for the First Time Ever

BREAKING NEWS — Laurens County Council to Decide on Housing Development Incentive for the First Time Ever

Tonight’s Laurens County Council meeting will feature the first reading of Project Onward. Prior to this, the council will convene as a committee of the whole to discuss a proposed $50 million townhouse project slated for the Watts Mill property in Laurens.

According to a presentation on June 24 to the council’s budget committee, all barrels and asbestos have been removed from the site. The county had advertised the committee meeting in advance, highlighting an agenda item titled “Commercial Development Proposal.” During the meeting, Laurens Mayor Nathan Seen and District 55 Superintendent Jody Penland advocated for the development.

While the land currently resides in the county, there are plans to request annexation into Laurens. The project aims to introduce 180 rental townhouses, as detailed in the minutes of the Budget and Finance Committee meeting.

A PDF form of the Council’s agenda packet for TONIGHT’S meeting is here.

Please pay close attention to the minutes of the Committee on Budget & Finance for a comprehensive overview of the proposed $50 million project.

Fairmount Properties’ spokesperson mentioned that they have similar agreements in Anderson and Spartanburg, akin to what is proposed for Laurens County.

Committee Chairman and Council Vice-chairman Jeff Carroll noted that this marks the first instance of such a request being presented to the Laurens County Council. This initiative essentially establishes an industrial/business park for the housing development in Laurens.

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During the full council meeting on June 24, Carroll briefly discussed the real estate project with fellow council members. It was agreed that a Committee of the Whole meeting would be necessary for further deliberation — this meeting is scheduled for 5 pm tonight at the Hillcrest Annex on Bolt Drive in Laurens.

Following this, the full Council meeting will commence at 6 pm. These sessions are open to the public and livestreamed on the county website. The agenda includes the Project Onward incentive ordinance and a closed session concerning the continued employment and compensation of the county administrator.

Typically, the Laurens County Council meets on the second Monday of each month, with an additional evening meeting added in June. The ordinance will undergo two more readings and a public hearing before it can be passed and enacted.