When the Laurens Raiders tee it up against the Greenwood Eagles, they will wear stickers on their helmets that span the history of football at the school because they will commemorate two of the greatest players in the history of both the town and the school.

King Dixon was the greatest Laurens Tiger. He played for the old LHS from 1951 through 1954, starred for the South Carolina Gamecocks, served with distinction in the Marine Corps and serve as USC’s athletics director. He also broadcast the Raiders on radio for decades.

Charles Peterson caught the winning touchdown pass on fourth down give the Raiders – Laurens District High School succeeded Laurens High in 1972 – a state championship and starred on a baseball titlist in 1990. He played for many years in the Pittsburgh Pirates organization after being selected as the club’s first-round draft choice in 1993.

Both died this year, Dixon of cancer on July 6 and Peterson, who was a scout for the St. Louis Cardinals, of COVID-19 on Sept. 13. Peterson was diagnosed with the novel coronavirus on Aug. 17.

The stickers will read “KD” for Dixon and “CP 7” for Peterson.